RoadStr Point of Interest Challenge

Join the RoadStr Point of Interest Challenge! Upload your favorite photo spots, roads, and meetup points to the map for the chance to win a RoadStr jacket.

Challenge Timeline

Starting Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 1:00pm Greenwich Mean Time and ending Friday, April 17th, 2020 at 1:00pm Greenwich Mean Time. The drawing and award will be announced by the end of day April 24th.

Competition And Rewards

RoadStr users who post up to a maximum of 5 points of interest (POI) will be entered into a drawing for a RoadStr jacket. One jacket per participating country will be available (USA, UK & Spain)

Qualification Rules & How to Enter:

To enter the drawing, participant must:

  • Create a POI on the RoadStr app map, uploading your own image and text.
  • Create an Instagram story from your personal account and tag @roadstr_app and mention the “POI Challenge”.
  • Each POI submitted and approved by the RoadStr team will be counted as an entry in the drawing.
  • Participants will receive a maximum of 5 entries based on 5 POI’s on the app. Additional submissions are allowed and encouraged but will not be counted towards the drawing.
  • Entry will be considered based on the submission time of the POI, according to the timeline stated above.
  • There will be one drawing per country. Entries will be based on the country where the POI is located. Only POIs submitted in the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain will be considered.
  • Participants must be 16 years of age at the time of the start of the draw. Applicants must comply with national and local laws of their residence. Any violation of local law or regulation may deem the applicant disqualified.

​Additional Rules & Guidelines:

  • ​POIs will be reviewed and approved in order of arrival.
  • Only POIS with valid images and descriptions will be approved by the RoadStr team who will confirm  their approval by email.
  • POIs cannot be repeated. In the case of repeated submissions, only the first submission will be considered.
  • Participants should compete in a good faith effort. Do not abuse spamming techniques or manipulation to gain standing. Participants engaging in such activity may be disqualified.
  • RoadStr reserves the right to investigate activity related to fake accounts and may apply a minimum criterion to determine an active account. Users are strictly prohibited from creating accounts to improve standing and may be disqualified.
  • All posted content must be owned by the user who is posting. All content that is not your own will be disqualified from results.
  • One week after the submission period ends, RoadStr will conduct a randomized drawing from the entries received and approved. The number of published POIs will be taken into account. That is, if you have published 5 approved POIs, the user will have 5 entries.
  • There will be only one drawing and one prize for each country. (USA, Spain and UK)
  • The drawing will be made randomly using publicly available randomized drawing tools.


Final results will be published on the @roadstr_app Instagram story and on this webpage approximately one week after the end of the end of the challenge.

​Additional terms and conditions:

​These terms and conditions are in addition to the rules set out above that apply to the draw (“Rules”) and apply to anyone taking part in a draw on RoadStr (“Competition”). In the event of any inconsistency between the Rules, promotional material, and the Terms and Conditions, then the Rules (and any promotional materials) shall apply. The promoter is RoadStr Enthusiasts, S.L., and our address is RoadStr, 340 S Lemon Ave #9641, Walnut, CA 91789 (“us”, “we”). The Competition is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any other company or business, unless we expressly say so in the Rules or promotional material.


The draw is only open to those aged 16 years and over. The Competition is open to users of RoadStr only. You may need to set up a free account to enter.

The draw is not open to any employees (or their families) of RoadStr Enthusiasts, S.L. or the promoter, or the suppliers of any of the prizes and any of the companies associated with the Competition.

Where we permit under 18s to enter the draw, then your parent or guardian must enter and claim your prize on your behalf. In entering the draw, you confirm to us that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim a prize. We may require you to provide proof of your eligibility as a condition of claiming a prize.

You may not enter this draw where the draw does not comply with your local law, and the draw is therefore void where prohibited by law. Your entry may not be counted. There is no cost to enter the Competition unless set out in the Rules.

Using a false name or address will cause your entry to be void. Any entries that we consider to be incomplete, illegible, or indecipherable will be void. Online entries generated by bots, automated devices, scripts or other fraudulent means shall be void.

We accept no responsibility for entries that are lost, damaged or delayed in the post or due to computer error. Only one entry per person will be accepted – multiple entries will be void unless set out otherwise in the Rules.


Details of the Prize shall be set out in the draw promotional material and /or the Rules. Prizes may be subject to availability and this will be set out in the Rules.

Prizes are not transferrable and must be accepted and claimed without substitution by you.


You must be available to claim or take part (where your participation is required) in the prize to avoid forfeiting it. We aim to fulfil all prizes to winners within 30 days after the end of Competition close date. We will notify you in writing if we are unable to do so or if the nature of the prize requires a greater period to fulfil.

We will keep winners notified by email of the actual date of fulfilment. Once a prize fulfilment date is fixed it can only be altered by us at our discretion. Where your attendance is required in order to claim the prize and you are unable to attend and we are unable, acting at our discretion, to reschedule the date, then you will automatically forfeit the prize.


Where a prize requires you to be filmed or photographed, or to contribute to an article or other work, then you agree that and as a condition of claiming the prize, you will consent to us in writing to be filmed and/or photographed and that you shall irrevocably grant us in writing all necessary rights and permission to fully exploit your contribution, photograph and performance in any and all media throughout the world, and without payment to you. Where you take part in any filming or stunt as part of the prize, then you agree that you shall provide all reasonably necessary consents and waivers to us to enable you to take part. All copyright in any works created as part of the prize must be owned by us.


Winners will be selected as set out in the Rules.

If the Winner is disqualified, or fails to comply with the Rules or terms and conditions, or is ineligible for the prize (including where they cannot attend the prize fulfilment date), then they will automatically forfeit the prize.

In the event that the prize is forfeited, then we reserve the right to offer the prize to another eligible entrant who is able to claim the prize in accordance with the Rules and terms and conditions.


We do not offer any costs or expenses to you to claim your prize. You must be able to claim the prize at your own cost and expense, including all travel costs. If you are picked as a winner and are unable to claim the prize then please notify us immediately and this may lead to a forfeit of the prize.


Winners will be notified as set out in the Rules. To claim a prize, you must provide us with a postal address, photographic proof of age and, any other document or evidence set out in the Rules within 72 hours after being sent a notification message that you are a winner. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize. We are not responsible or liable for any failure for an entrant to contact us within the prescribed period to confirm their identity. You must be able to accept cash prize winnings via PayPal.

We will manage any personal data you send us as part of the winner verification process strictly as necessary to confirm that you are a winner of the Competition and your compliance with the Rules and terms and conditions. We may process your personal data outside of the European Economic Area and we shall ensure that where we send personal data outside of the European Economic Area that we do so to parties who have agreed to comply with applicable UK data protection laws.

In addition to these terms and conditions, we will process any personal data in accordance with our privacy policy available at:


In addition to promoting and using your name and image on RoadStr, you also irrevocably permit us the right to use your name and image in any publicity we carry out to promote RoadStr and the Competition. You also agree to co-operate with our reasonable requests relating to the promotion of the Competition.


We reserve the right to withdraw, delay, terminate or amend the Competition (including any part of the Rules and terms and conditions) at any time without prior notice.

We reserve the right to amend any prize (to an alternative of equal or greater value) in the event that we believe the Competition is affected or is likely to be affected by any unforeseen circumstances. We shall not be in breach of these terms and conditions, nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of our obligations under these terms and conditions, if such delay or failure result from events, circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control.

We do not assume any responsibility for any incorrect or inaccurate data capture, or other technical malfunction or human error relating to the RoadStr mobile app. To the fullest extent permissible by law, we (the promoter), RoadStr Enthusiast, S.L., our agents and distributors will not in any circumstance be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage and/or personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the prize except where it is caused by the negligence of the Promoter, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.

The Competition and these terms and conditions shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Spain. The courts of Spain shall have exclusive jurisdiction.