Toyota GR Experience.

Text and Photos by Ivan Santamaria (RS: @gasandroads)

It’s getting dark in Guadalajara, Spain as “Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC plays in the background.

I lower the volume a bit and accelerate at full throttle. The rear axle pushes forward as the 3.0 liter 6-cylinder turbo begins to roar. The fifth gen Toyota Supra comes to life. I look in the rearview mirror, glancing beyond the spoiler, the lights of a small but stocky Toyota GR Yaris stick out immediately.

We go straight to the town of Alocén, where the next day we’ll conduct the first Toyota GR Yaris experience with RoadStr members.

Early the next morning, the first lucky attendees arrive.

They’ll have the chance to test the Toyota GR model range. This includes not only the Supra and GR Yaris, but also the Toyota Corolla and CHR GR Sport editions. The cars are lined up on the Plaza de Alocén, overlooking the Entrepeñas reservoir.

The first participant gets into the cockpit of the Toyota Supra, beginning the dynamic test drive on surrounding roads. It takes only a moment for a smile to appear. The car pushes forward and takes on every corner with confidence. The extra torque causes a slight slip in the rear end before finishing out the turn. This is the kind of Toyota Supra experience enthusiasts enjoy.

But the highlight comes afterwards, as they step into the Toyota GR Yaris. A special section of road is closed for the test experience. Drivers get to experience nearly 10 kilometers of 10-ft wide pavement, with more than 70 curves round trip. Some curves are quite technical, worthy of the Monte Carlo Rally. Without a doubt, this is the perfect place to test the capabilities of the GR Yaris.

Participants aren’t only testing this little rocket in its natural environment. They’re doing it with co-pilot Sergio Feito at their side, who explains the technical details that make the GR Yaris devour these kinds of roads.

There’s almost unanimous agreement among the participants. They love its stance, its engine, and its racing characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

A few weeks later, RoadStr members from Barcelona also had the opportunity to test the GR Model range on some of the best roads in their area.

Stay tuned on RoadStr for the chance to experience test drives like this first-hand. We thank Toyota for the incredible experience.

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