Jamiroquai, Almería, music and classic cars

Written by: Ivan Santamaria (RS: @gasandroads)

Jamiroquai’s leader Jay Kay, is a great lover not only of classic cars but also of the Almeria area in Spain, specifically Cabo de Gata.

Today we are going to talk about three of his most famous music videos, Cosmic Girl, White Knuckle Ride and Cloud 9, from 1996, 2010 and 2017 respectively. Where without a doubt, the landscape, good roads, and cars are the main protagonists.

So get comfortable, turn up the volume, and enjoy.

Cosmic Girl

Perhaps the best known of the 3 video clips, belonging to the album Traveling without Moving As if it were a RoadStr meet up, at the first light of day, a group of friends come together. Among them are Jay Kay with his purple Lamborghini SE30, his co-pilot who at that time was bassist of the Stuart Zender group, and other friends riding along with a Ferrari 355 and an F40. All of them leave from the AL-3115 road, near the Torreón of San Miguel in Cabo de Gata (Almería), headed towards the winding roads in the surrounding area, just as many of us would have done on any good weekend

The original Lamborghini was sold in 2017 for about $ 726,000, just over € 600,000.

As a curiosity about the filming of Cosmic Girl, just as Jay Kay himself tells us in an interview, it was a rough shoot, since just before starting to record the video clip, one of the specialists who should take the car to his Location had an accident, a few days later they found another very similar car, so the car that comes out in the video clip is not the original. The original Lamborghini was sold in 2017 for about $ 726,000, just over € 600,000.

White Knuckle Ride

The protagonist of this video, apart from the helicopter owned by Jay Kay himself, is a 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7. The Alfaro restaurant was used as a base of operations, at the Tabernas crossing (Almería) in the desert. If you don’t know this video, I’ll give you just a few details. Pursuit between the ’73 RS and the helicopter, along the best roads and dirt tracks in the area. And yes, you read that right, dirt tracks.

I’ll leave it at that. Now turn up the volume and enjoy. I am convinced you’ll watch it more than once.


This is his last video clip shot in the lands of Almería; In fact, its main location we be easily discovered if you watched “Cosmic Girl”, as Cloud 9 is a tribute to that work. Throughout the recording you will see many winks to this video clip, but look at the license plate of the Mercedes You’ll see a Mercedes Benz 280 SE W111 Cabrio driven by actress Monica Cruz and a Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 driven by Jay Kay. The recording runs mainly on the road that leads to the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata (AL-135) and the road that goes to the sea in the area of ​​Las Salinas (AL-3115), also in Cabo de Gata.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I want to go to Cabo de Gata to discover these roads!

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