And then she appeared, BMW M8 Competition

As we do on many occasions, we got together with a few RoadStrs to go out and do what we like most: to go for a drive.
During the afternoon, we got together for an exclusive meetup of Porsches, with a variety of models on hand such as a Porsche GT3 RS, several Turbos, a Macan, and a 986S. We were all there chatting, admiring our cars, greeting our friends that we hadn’t seen for a while, and preparing for the route that awaited us ahead.
And this is when “she appeared”
In the distance we heard a “roar” that did not resemble that of a Porsche. Suddenly, there was silence between us and like robots, we all turned our heads at the same time. In the distance appeared a bonnet of a car that we normally don’t see on our roads.
The BMW M8 Competition pulled up between us, and like a bunch of 15-year-old kids, we gawked at it with the same intensity as a pretty girl passing by in the hallway in high school. The Marina Bay Blue color under the afternoon light revealed the details of its muscular body, measuring 4.87 meters long and a width of 1.90 meters. With these looks, it’s impossible to go unnoticed wherever it goes.
Our friends Alex and Jose, representatives from BMW M, step out and after a short greeting, we inevitably start bombarding them with questions about the M8 Competition.
They kindly answer all of them and the most anticipated moment arrives. They open the hood, which, with a brief burst of heat, gives us a glimpse under the carbon fiber cover. The iconic BMW M colors along with the words “BMW M Power” adorn the monstrous 4.4 V8 Biturbo engine with 625 hp and 750NM of torque, which together with its M Steptronic 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive M xDrive launches this 1900kg beast from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds, reaching a max speed governed at 250 km / h.
After being hypnotized by “the pretty girl from high school”, we started our route through some windy roads in the area.

We’re in the car behind the BMW, and it’s interesting to see how the M8, with its more than 4.80 meter length and a weight close to 2 tons, easily connects through the curves. All of this accompanied by its sound, and while it’s not so loud, it is just enough to let you know that something very big is hidden beneath that hood. Without a doubt, as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator, you’ll disappear around the next curve.

After spending a while enjoying our cars, we finally arrived at the mythical Puerto de Puebla de la Sierra, where we let our engines cool down while enjoying incredible views. And of course, we ended with a long discussion about the thing we love most: cars!

Thanks to BMW M Spain for bringing out this special model on our drive.

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