Ready for Takeoff: Fighter Jets and Supercars

Written by: OSCAR LAINZ (RS: @oscarlainz)
Photos by: Pablo Bayo (RS: @airmadrid)

Chances are, if you like cars, you like airplanes, and vice versa. When RoadStr user @zamoracrossfire, a unit Sergeant, raised the possibility of conducting a small photo shoot together with the CASA C-101, or the F-18 Hornet, we quickly got down to work.

We selected 15 very special sports cars for the day, including among others: a Porsche GT3 RS 991.2, GT2 997, 718 Boxster Spyder, Ultima Can-Am, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Portofino, Alpine A110 or BMW 1M.

We arrived to the airport just outside Madrid, Spain, where the Spanish King had just departed with his entourage on a private plane. Waiting at the gate were a posse of supercars.

They are not cars that are seen every day, let alone entering an air base together.

We were greeted by the Major of the unit (coincidentally, another petrolhead), who gave us an introductory talk about the premises and the purpose of the Logistics Center of Armament and Experimentation (CLAEX), including how they develop armament and experimental solutions for the Spanish Air Force.

Then he showed us the impressive facilities, such as the oldest hangar in the Torrejón Base, where there was a CASA C-101 in perfect flight order, ready for the stunts of the “Patrulla Águila”, a Spanish version of the famous American Blue Angels.

We were accompanied by our photographer, Pablo Bayo (RS: @airmadrid), who sat in awe while taking photos of a GT3 in front of an F-18 hornet. Yes, a real F-18 Hornet! And we were even allowed to step inside the cockpit for a quick shot.

For more details about the complete experience, you can check out a full article by @espirituracer by clicking here

Special thanks to our user Alfonso (RS: @zamarocrossfire) and the CLAEX unit for granting access to this unforgettable experience.

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