A very special route with Michelin


An Audi Quattro, a Mitsubishi EVO V, a Subaru Impreza Turbo RS and an epic route through northern Spain.

Is there a better plan? Movie landscapes, demanding roads, and three iconic cars promise a spectacular day.

A cold and changing climate could not spoil such a special route, but Pablo, Simon and David, the owners of these mythical vehicles, have an ace up their sleeves.

We meet our protagonists at one of the most spectacular mountain passes in the area. Low ambient temperature, narrow and winding roads, with inclines of up to 24%. Places where the sun hardly reaches, making the asphalt even colder and wetter.

We can see in the background the spectacular Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi EVO V and Audi Quattro, which seem to have no difficulty at all in travelling on this spectacular road with an unpredictable surface.

With an ear-to-ear smile on their faces they tell us perfectly how they have spent their time climbing the hillside, and we have no doubt that much of the credit goes to their all-weather Michelin tires.

We get into their cars, so that we can peronally feel what these vehicles are transmitting through the wheels as we tour this mountain pass first hand with people who know it perfectly.

Going down the hill, David confesses that some time ago, on a similar route, he had a rather strong fright, which almost ended in tragedy. An animal crossed his path, the asphalt was delicate, and he was driving some high-performance cars that did not behave well in these conditions. Thank God, he only ended up in the ditch with a few scratches on his precious car.

The usual thing when you like cars is to mount a high-performance tire, because you think that it is the one that will allow you to get the most out of your car. Although, in the local workshop where I usually take my tires to be changed, they recommended me a year ago the Michelin all-season tire, the so-called CrossClimate, which are the ones that today allow me to go on the road all year round, and with a much higher level of confidence in days like today, he tells us.

The rest of the drivers that was present also refer to the performance of these tires in difficult conditions such as those reported by David.

Not everything is run with the cars, for us the most important thing is to feel comfortable with the car and safe.

Without hardly noticing it, it’s already completely dark, and there’s no more time for photos. From under the umbrellas, we say goodbye, hoping to see each other again soon and enjoy another fantastic route with RoadStr users.

TAke a look at the video that we´ve made for Michelin Spain, we hope you enjoy it!

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