Coke and his Porsche Carrera, a dream come true.

Text and photos Iván Santamaría (RS: @gasandroads)

It’s 7 in the afternoon. In the distance, we hear a sound that only an aircooled 911 can make…

The unmistakable nose of the Porsche Carrera that we were waiting for appears around the corner.

With a smile from ear to ear, how could it be otherwise, our hero of the day, Coke, gets out of his ‘84 Carrera.

Present your Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 in a few words

This 911 is a 3.2 from 1984, in its original white color and with its 915 gearbox and original engine

When you go down to the garage, what does your parked Porsche Classic inspire in you?

It still seems amazing to me. I stare at it. It’s a very special car, it represents me, and I am very connected to it. The white color accentuates its lines and without a spoiler, for me, it’s perfect.

What special trip that you would take with your classic 911?

Despite what people believe, these cars are very comfortable to travel. The seats are the most comfortable that Porsche has made. To bring it closer to its origins, a trip through the black forest in Germany would be good

At RoadStr, as you well know, we love twisty roads. If you had to choose just one to travel with a 911, what would it be?

Difficult to say… I have known incredible roads not only here. I remember a lot about the Amalfi Coast, the stretch from Sorrento to Salerno on the edge of the sea.

What do you like most about your 911’s aircooled engine?

It’s a rock, it’s loud, it vibrates, and it pushes a lot. From 4500rpm it shoots up.

And the least?

I couldn’t tell you. If you are really careful person, maybe the engines will bother you when it leaks a few drops of oil in the garage. But I personally don’t care.

Have you done any kind of restoration to your 911?

I got the car very recently. I am customizing it without changing its appearance. It has a new prototype momo steering wheel installed, a new tartan upholstery that has been incredible, and it has a wooden shift knob like the 917 of Le Mans. It is a very cool detail that I have obtained from a craftsman in the USA who makes them of balsa wood.

Otherwise the car was recently restored, engine and body with all new tires and double Dansk exhaust

This car is undoubtedly a very special classic car… But is it the most special car you have ever owned?

Well, I also remember a 964 C2 manual that I had in aubergine color being very special, but I may be liking this one more.

If you could have another special car in the future, which one (s) would you have?

Many, a 550spyder, a 924gt, 356 Speedster. But not only Porsches. A Cobra, an E type, Vantage v12, Ferrari 355, F40 …

We know you are a Porsche brand enthusiast. What other Porsche models would you have in your garage?

959, GT race, 964rs, 904 … could be like this for a while hahaha

It’s easy to see, our hero today is a Petrolhead from head to toe.

Big thanks to Coke for introducing us to his Porsche Carrera 3.2 and letting us do this entertaining interview.

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