Chelsea 1979, the place where dreams live

Wrtitten by: Quique ferrer (RS: @FERRETti)
Photos by: oscar molero (RS: @SAMM.O)
Can you imagine being able to visit a dream garage next to a unique motorsport museum located in a top-level sports car dealership?
Well, this opportunity was given to a group of RoadStr users as part of the #DriveAndHelp solidarity initiative supporting Covid-19 relief.
Most of us, the fans, who had the privilege of attending this event, could not have imagined what was really awaiting us that afternoon.
But the gems were not only inside this motor paradise. Many of RoadStr members came to the event with their best machines: Porsche GT3’s, BMW M4’s, an Audi R8 V10 Plus, a Lotus Esprit Turbo… The party had only just begun.

We had the honor of being hosted by the creator of this museum: Eduardo Costabal, tenacious Chilean entrepreneur and passionate gentleman driver.

The first item of enjoyment was the exhibition of McLaren vehicles on display at the British brand’s Barcelona dealer. We were surprised by the number and variety of models and trims on display: several GT Coupes, 600 LT, 570S, Senna GTR, P1… a real madness.

We quickly drained our phone batteries, taking snapshots and videos of the ones to be remembered.
Afterwards we went to the 1979 Chelsea garage, which was accessed by going down to a basement, like you’d imagine entering wealthy private collector’s garage.
There the barrage of photo snapping continued in front of the beauty and singularity of the classics that this private space stored. Of particular note were a Lancia Delta S4 Stradale of which only 87 units were made, and only a dozen of which are still in use today worldwide. Or the Mercedes 190 2.3 16-valve that a priori had nothing special, except for its magnificent state of conservation, until Eduardo told us that it had participated in the legendary race which, in 1984, inaugurated the new Nurburgring circuit, and which was won by a very young Ayrton Senna in front of established F1 legends.
It should be noted that each and every one of the pieces that are part of the 1979 Chelsea collection are for sale.
After this feast of beauty, the 1979 Chelsea Museum still awaited us. This would prove to be much more than the icing on the cake, leaving us with an extraordinary taste in our mouths for the last part of our visit.
This museum houses a collection, unique in the world, of racing suits from all the champions of the two top categories of motor racing and motorcycling. We found it incredible to have all these legendary outfits lying in front of us.

We could not help but be overwhelmed when we saw two very special corners of the museum: the showcase dedicated to the unfortunate Michael Schumacher and the one that pays homage to the mythical and venerated Ayrton Senna.

No doubt this was a visit we will never forget and one that we will always keep a very pleasant and inspiring memory of.

Our special thanks to Chelsea 1979 for their involvement and collaboration in #DriveAndHelp.

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