Ideas to stave off quarantine boredom!

WRITTEN BY: iván SANTAMARÍA (RS: @gasandroads)
At RoadStr we have wanted to contribute our part to the #stayathome movement. Even though we can’t take out the car for a drive in some parts of the world, the petrolhead blood that runs through our veins has our 4-wheeled machine on our minds!
 To make up for it, we have organized a series of activities to limit the boredom.

points of interest challenge

First, let’s contribute all the great roads and routes that we’ll be visiting as soon as the quarantine finishes. What better way to do it than by putting our favorite Points of Interest on the map on RoadStr.

 Close your eyes, remember that road you were driving a few months ago. Listening to your favorite song, which was probably the sound of your car’s engine, with that landscape in the background, those curves, that place where you had to stop the car and take a picture of her… You remember her, right? Well if you remember that moment and you have it immortalized, this challenge is perfect for you. In addition to uploading your favorite Points of interest, you can enter a drawing towin a RoadStr jacket.

 Here are a few examples of the Points of Interest some users have already uploaded.

What do you think? If you want more information about the conditions of the challenge, you can check them out here

VIrtual Races with RoadStr users

We’re not going to lie; we’re also dying to head to the garage and take the car for a spin. But due to the current quarantine situations around the world, in many cases it’s no longer allowed. So we can’t think of a better plan than to share our passion for cars by conducting virtual races between RoadStr users.

 At the moment several races have already been held, including a single-brand Porsche GT3RS cup on Gran Turismo, organized by our ambassador @ironhidegp. Below is a full video of the race.

There have also been meetups between users in Forza Horizon 4, like the one organized by our user @albertoe36 this weekend. Here are some photos of the meetup.

This weekend the Virtual Cup “Pilótame” Suzuki Swift will be held
with incredible prizes!
First place:
Gift of 5 laps in the Suzuki Swift of Pilot me, accompanied by an instructor, on the circuit closest to your home and an official RoadStr cap!
Second place:
Photoshoot courtesy of @ajgpfotografía, Ecobox treatment “premiere car” (value € 120) and an official RoadStr cap
 Third place:
Full Ecobox treatment + carnauba (€ 50 value) and an official RoadStr cap

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